At Coding Blocks, most of us come from a vibrant Open Source Community, and that makes us strongly believe in free and open source software.

Each year we teach hundreds of students coding, programming and software development. Over the past three years (we started off in April 2014), we have helped more than 1500 students gain expertise in Android, Web, Data Science and more.

To be able to stay connected with our alumni, and reach out the wider community of budding software developers, we are launching an annual summer programme - BOSS which stands for Bountiful Open Source Summer

We’re taking inspiration from other such open source summer programmes like Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, Summer of KDE, RGSoC and many others to start our own programme to engage all of you via BOSS


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How will it work ?

At Coding Blocks we have a number of open source projects going on which on can find here -

The objective is to get involved in these projects via contributions through Github (in form of Pull Requests).

BOSS 2017 starts from 15th May 2017, after which you’ll find most of our repositories will have issues marked with a bounty amount

You can check a couple of such issues for example -

More such issues with bounties will be made by 15th May, and will continuously keep getting created.

The more bounties you collect, the higher you are on the leaderboard. To top 10 students as on 15th August 2017 will be BOSS 2017 Winners.

How to participate ?

Two steps basically.

  1. Pick any open issue from here, solve it and send a pull request to us.
  2. Go to the BOSS website and claim the bounty.

Rules and Eligibility


Coding Period Start Date 15th May 2017
Coding Period End Date 15th August 2017
Result Declaration 20th August 2017

Who can participate ?

BOSS 2017 is open to any Indian Student. You could be a student enrolled in any school or a college or university. You might be asked to prove you were a bonafide student of a school, college or university as on 15th May 2017.

For students outside India, we are not officially considering them for 2017, mostly because there will be logistics issues with sending prizes for winners.

There is no process of registration. Anyone can start participating in BOSS 2017, at any point of time before 15th August 2017 (the end date).

NOTE Only issues with bounties resolved within the given period - 15th May 2017 - 15th August 2017, will be taken into consideration for calculation of winners.


As on 15th August 2017, the top 10 students with maximum bounties collected will win the following prizes.

  • 1st Prize : Macbook Air

  • 2nd Prize : Oneplus 3

  • 3rd Prize : Lenovo Z2 Plus

  • 4th Prize : Moto G5 Plus

  • 5th Prize : Sony Sports Headphones

  • All top 10 winners: Coding Blocks Goodie Bag

The prizes are subject to the student having collected a minimum of 1000 bounty points.


As such any project part of the Coding Blocks Github Repo is part of BOSS. Some projects have further information about them that is available on this list You can see what platforms, technologies they are using, and who are the maintainers.


Following are people who’ll be mentoring BOSS 2017. They will have the final say in assigning bounty values to issues, and accepting Pull Requests.


You can hang out with mentors and other participants on the BOSS 2017 lobby on Gitter Gitter

Start here to get started!

If you have any specific query that you want to ask privately over email please use arnav [at] codingblocks [dot] com

Frequently Asked Questions


Is BOSS an internship ?

No BOSS is not an internship. This is a voluntary participation contest.

Who owns the code contributed ?

Your code’s authorship will remain with you. It will become part of the respective project you contributed to, as per the license that is used in the project. Most of our projects are Apache v2 or GPL v2 licensed.


Can I participate in BOSS while undergoing an internship ?

As such, there is no problem. Please clear it out with your employer. They might have intellectual property rights issues regarding contributing to BOSS during office hours.

What are the criteria for participation ?

  • You should be above 13 years old
  • You should be enrolled in a recognised school, college or university on 15th May 2017

Can I get a certificate of participation ?

Absolutely. If you earn a minimum of 500 bounty points, you’re eligible to get a certificate of participation.

DISCLAIMER: Coding Blocks Pvt. Ltd reserved the rights to make changes to the judgement criteria and/or eligibility criteria. All decisions made by BOSS mentors with respect of granting bounty points are final and binding