A gitter client for android with added functionality using existing gitter API


The current app (gitter android app) is not opensource and is widely used by open source organizations, hence this will come handy.

Gitter provides access to it’s API. See the documentation at: https://developer.gitter.im/docs/ Currently Gitter provides it free of cost and doesnot seem to have limitations. Note: The api is in beta state.


We would need to push in features one by one and make this app awesome, here I am listing out the early-bird first to implement features:

Implement basic functionalities:

  • See joined rooms
  • Post new messages and view posted messages
  • Users != rooms(Follow the slack way)
  • Search and create new rooms and DM users
  • Joining and creating new communities
  • Mentioning support and direct links to issues (eg https://github.com/coding-blocks/labs.coding-blocks.com/issues/#32 becomes #31)
  • Notification support

Implement Additional functionalities

  • Room and time oriented donot disturb mode
  • Emoji support
  • Room permissions
  • Block DMs from users (specific)
  • Pin messages
  • Archieve conversations
  • Integrations support
  • Animations support
  • Welcome message support
  • Editing messages
  • Deleting messages (for admins or decided by room permissions set by admins)
  • polls support

Rest will be defined on the project repository after implementing these.