Oneauth is a Single Sign On system. An use case, as is at Coding Blocks is that when there are multiple apps/websites, like and, we would prefer to do user-management on a single server, and use the same accounts on all the servers. This is similar to what large websites like Google or Microsoft do. You use the same Google account for Gmail, Youtube, G+, Chrome and all other Google Services.

We can see oneauth deployed and life in action on

oneauth has both -

  • an Oauth consumption interface, so users can login with Facebook/Twitter/Google
  • an Oauth serving interface to all CodingBlocks apps/clients can use it to login.


Backend Express
Database Postgres 9.6


Source Code : Hosted At(Live) :


How to get involved

Either pick up an issue/bug from the open issues list and start fixing it or if you want to suggest a new feature, create a new issue, and wait for the maintainers to discuss it, and once the maintainers give it a go, start working on it.